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Our Clients

Serving clients in both the private and public sector for over 20 years EGIS, Inc. takes a dual approach to every project; supporting economic development while maintain and sustaining balance within the environment, regardless of the scope and level of complexity.

Our clients include some of the largest companies and government agencies in the United States & Puerto Rico, and they continue to turn to us because of our expertise, professionalism and sincere concern for the environment.

Equipped with Outdoor & Heavy equipment such as planes, bulldozers, trenchers, backhoes, tractors, pumps and  irrigation system tools, trucks, trailers and other equipment, EGIS, Inc. possesses the necessary provisions and latest technologies to ensure our clients receive a level of service they expect and deserve.

With hundreds of clients and over 2400 jobs completed, the following is a broad reflection of just some of the businesses and industries we serve:

  • Wal-Mart Stores
  • Louis Dreyfus Natural Gas
  • Williams Gas
  • Arkansas Air National Guard
  • Airports across the United States including Newark International, Orlando International, Kissimmee Municipal
  • Municipalities across Arkansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Missouri and several others